BALLARD: ‘Bringing justice to the community we call home’

Rogers County District Attorney Matt Ballard, wife Traci, and their three children celebrated at his swearing-in ceremony Monday.

Surrounded by his family today District Attorney Matt Ballard was sworn in to serve another four years as top prosecutor in Craig, Mayes and Rogers Counties.

The January 7, 2019 swearing in ceremony was held in Oklahoma City.

Ballard first ran for the DA’s office on a platform highlighting the importance of upholding victims’ rights and supporting survivors. During his first swearing in he promised to approach the duties of district attorney with a servant’s heart and his first four years showed his dedication to helping victims of crime and his community as a whole.

Ballard did not draw an opponent at the end of his first term and this marks the beginning of his second, four year, term. He says “In everything we do the goal is to make our community safer. To help victims become survivors, to hold offenders accountable and partner with businesses and helping agencies to find innovative ways to truly bring justice throughout the communities we call home.”