Dog park

A Progress reader provided this pic of their puppy, Emoji, who is eagerly awaiting the opening of the Claremore Bark Park.

Yes, the Claremore dog park is still happening.

The city pinned their hopes on opening the Bark Park on June 1, but Mother Nature had other ideas.

“At this point, all of the park equipment has been ordered. The majority of it has been received and is in the warehouse ready to go,” said Claremore’s assistant planner, Kyle Clifton. “The weather has significantly delayed the project. We had hoped to open June 1 but several delays have occurred and we didn’t meet that deadline.”

Clifton said the stage is set for crews to dig the footing and install a fence.

“ We're staged to get it all done but we need a couple weeks of good weather, but rain is predicted next week,” he said. “It is definitely still happening, and we are hoping we will be done and open by Labor Day.”

It’s an idea he said has been very popular within the community and one that he has enjoyed working on.

“We worked with the parks and rec department, animal control, engineering—everyone,” he said. “It’s been a big project and we’re dying to get it open.”

What dog owners can look forward to

Clifton said Bark Park is roughly 1.4 acres, located on the southeast corner of West Dupont and South Chambers, and is split 60/40 with 60 percent of the space designated for big dogs and 40 percent reserved for small dogs.

Each side has appropriately-sized equipment.

“A lot of dog parks in the region have a series of ramps, boxes and hoops. We will have play areas on each side, kind of like you see in children’s play areas, that are a series of inter-connected pieces of equipment, in addition to the ramps, hoops and boxes,” he said.

He said dog owners will have the option of working with dogs on agility drills—or unleashing and letting them run and play on the equipment.

A grassy area designated for playing frisbee or catch will be featured on one end.

“There will be a shade structure of some kind in the center with benches so dog owners, and dogs, will have a shaded area to sit under and stay cool,” Clifton said.

Two-level human and dog water fountains will be on site as well.

The Bark Park parking lot will be paved and landscaped. Future plans include public restrooms.

“We tried to factor in everything we could think of,” Clifton said, adding that this is just the first step in a larger vision.