Owasso Police Department

A 35-year-old Owasso man was arrested while standing naked in the middle of the road, screaming racial slurs at passing motorists.

This is according to Owasso Police Department who arrested Roger Reed Tuesday morning.

A release from OPD states, “Officers were dispatched to a reported burglary in progress at Meri Med. Witnesses reported that a man wearing a black and yellow mask was attempting to kick in the front door of the business. As officers responded, additional reports came in of the same man allegedly standing in traffic on Garnett screaming at passing motorists.”

They added that officers made contact with Reed, “who had now disrobed, was standing in the roadway swinging a belt with a large metal buckle.”

In the report, officers noted that Reed had blood covering his hands and torso.

Reed was secured in handcuffs, but “soon became combative, making racial slurs and threatening to kill officers.”

“Witnesses and victims described that Reed appeared to be under the influence of a mind altering substance when he approached the medical marijuana dispensary and attempted to force entry inside, eventually breaking the glass front door and making racial slurs towards the employees inside. Reed then allegedly entered the roadway, took off his clothing, yelled racial slurs at passing vehicles and used the belt buckle to strike several vehicles,” according to Owasso Police Department. “In at least one of those incident, Reed allegedly expressed a belief that the occupants of the vehicle were African American and broke the windshield while shouting racially disparaging remarks to the occupants.”

Reed was arrested for burglary, wearing a mask in commission of a crime, malicious harassment based on race and public intoxication. He will be transported to the Tulsa County Jail after an assessment by medical personnel.