A Claremore man is facing a possible third felony child abuse charge after reportedly "banging his son's head into the kitchen counter" for failing to learn his spelling words for school.

Jail records show David Stephens, 43, was arrested on a felony complaint of child abuse.

The affidavit filed in the case Tuesday states that Stephens "had taken his son and banged his head on the kitchen counter when he failed to learn his words."

One of the alleged victim's siblings reportedly shared that Stephens told them "if someone asked, to say that he and the child were playing and hit heads."

He reportedly told the children that he "didn't mean to" and that he was "just upset."

Records show that Stephens had a "2012 felony DUI child endangerment charge where he entered a guilty plea; Another child abuse with injury in 2014 where his son received a broken arm; and another DUI-2 count child endangerment in 2017 in Tulsa County.

Stephens was arrested and booked into Rogers County Jail where he is being held with a $125,000 bond.

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