City of Claremore

Three out of four Claremore City Council seats turned over during Tuesday’s election.

Ward I, Ward III and Ward IV will have newly elected councilors: Debbie Long (Ward I), Jonathan Eslick (Ward III) and Lindsey Erwin (Ward IV).

Ward II incumbent Justin Michael was re-elected.

“I’m pretty happy because everybody that I wanted to win got in and that means the people that were so much conflict for me are out,” Michael said. “Congratulations to Debbie Long, Jonathan Eslick and Lindsey Erwin. I think this is the start of a really bright future.”

Michael, the only incumbent re-elected, said he wants to change the city charter to allow more people to vote and run for office.

“I want to change the city charter to go past city limits and include everybody in our zip code to vote and run in these elections,” he said. “We just need a better candidate pool. People that are willing to stand up and support this community.”

Lindsey Erwin said she is excited to help the city.

“There’s just so much that the people want to do,” Erwin said. “I know it sounds silly, but I’ve made a list of things that people have talked to me about.”

Erwin said she wants the people to feel like they are heard.

“The doors that I went to and the people that spent hours talking to me, they matter,” she said.

Erwin said she plans on learning how the dynamics of the issues regarding water, electricity and roads.

“I have to learn that stuff so I can effectively help the public,” she said.

While serving on the council, Erwin said she wants to be transparent.

“I just want to say thank you to everyone who came out to vote and exercised their right,” she said.

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