Caney River Murder:  Local case to be featured on true crime documentary

A 2015 Rogers County murder case is now the center of attention for the hit Oxygen Network TV show “An Unexpected Killer.” The production company recently sought Rogers County Commissioner approval to utilize the courthouse for filming.

A case that dominated local headlines over the course of three years, will soon be featured in a true crime documentary television show.

Recently, Rogers County Commissioners approved a contract with UK2 OHM Productions Inc., a company seeking permission to shoot a documentary television show in the county courthouse.

"This relates to a television show that the Sheriff's Office has been requested to participate in. It involves an old case that our investigators were able to solve. It's being feared on a show called ‘An Unexpected Killer,’" said Assistant District Attorney Todd Wagner. "This is an agreement to utilize the courthouse to do interviews as well s release some documentation the sheriff's office has on the incident and investigation. This is a spotlight on the work our investigators did in solving this crime."

Undersheriff Jon Sappington said it's the Caney River Murder that caught their attention.

"Four or five years ago we found a vehicle in the Caney River in the Collinsville area off of Highway 169. There was a body found in the back. Investigators worked backward and identified a suspect, everyone present at the time of the murder," Sappington said.

About the case

In the summer months of 2015, Rogers County Sheriff's Office located a vehicle submerged in the Caney River, just north of Collinsville. In the truck they found the body of a man with nine gunshot wounds to the chest.

At the time, law enforcement said they believed Roman Medrano, the man later arrested for the crime had lured the victim, Rafael Torres, a Tulsa taxi driver, into the Collinsville area by making him believe there was an accident and that an interpreter was needed.

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