Cappuccino Corner

Green Eyes Coffee & Cafe will open it’s doors at The Mark on West Bend before the end of the summer.

Cappuccino Corner on Will Rogers Blvd will be closing it’s doors soon, but that ending is really a beginning.

Kim Marcotte and her son Colton are the co-owners of Cappuccino Corner, a 13-year-old business which they purchased four years ago.

They bought the business shortly after Kim’s husband died as a way to stay busy. They didn’t expect to become

They love what they do, providing warmth and smiles with every cup of coffee they serve, but they’re ready to expand and rebrand.

They contracted to take over a corner spot at The Mark on West Bend, the new residential/retail building near the Expo Center at 225 S. Brady, which they hope to move in to by the end of the summer.

“The move is going to help us a lot,” Kim said, highlighting proximity to the college and big plans for the full kitchen.

“We have so many college students that say they don’t come down to the store because they don’t want to be stopped by the train,” Kim said.

With the new kitchen Kim hopes to create a menu replete with farm-to-table cooking, homemade baked goods, mimosa packed brunches and wine or mixed drinks to serve while people unwind with friends in the evenings.

Kim said there is definitely a market for a more up-scale cafe in Claremore, and the farm-to-table aspect is key.

“Healthier eating is definitely needed in Claremore,” she said.

The changes in style will be met with serious changes in branding, including a completely new name.

“We would not have chosen the name Cappuccino Corner if we’d had a choice,” Kim said, explaining that they were buying an established company at the time, so it was better to keep the name recognition. The new name, chosen by Colton, is Green Eyes Coffee & Cafe.

Why? “Because it sounds spicy,” Colton replied, acknowledging a connection to both the mother and son’s brilliant green irises.

So don’t despair if you drive past the old Cappuccino Corner location and see a sad, empty building. Bigger and better things are right down the road.