Kim Henry

The Rogers County court clerk is facing charges of “publishing a counterfeit instrument.”

Misdemeanor charges were filed against Kimberly Henry Thursday morning.

Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation was called in to assist with the investigation.

Records show the first deputy “removed the cash till and took the monies to her office to count, reconcile, and balance them with the receipts.”

It was during this process that the county employee detected an unusual twenty dollar bill — nothing that it failed “preliminary counterfeit detection safeguards.”

The employee brought the bill to Rogers County Court Clerk Kimberly Henry, who said she would take the deposit to the treasurer’s office the following morning.

During an attempt to deposit the bill, Henry was told “the bank would keep the bill, then reduce the overall deposit by the bill’s amount… the deputy treasurer suggested the office determine which payment the counterfeit bill came from and reconcile with that payer’s account.”

According to district court records, Henry said “that the office could not recoup the twenty dollars, and that the best course was to send the counterfeit bill back out into general circulation.”

Neither the deputy clerk or deputy treasurer learned what became of the counterfeit bill, OSBI reported.

Later that day, OSBI noted, Henry asked the staff what drinks they wanted from Sonic and ultimately sent the counterfeit bill to be used as payment for the drinks.

As the Rogers County District Attorney recused himself from the case, it was ultimately re-assigned to Mayes County’s Judge Terry McBride.

Claremore Police Department was notified of the counterfeit bill by Sonic.

In an interview with an OSBI investigator, Henry “recalled that a twenty dollar bill was rejected by the treasurer’s money processing machine and recalled that the twenty dollar bill was later used to purchase drinks for the office’s employees.”

Henry said, “she used the bill because there had been no confirmation that the bill was counterfeit.”

In an interview with OSBI, Deputy State Auditor for Local Government Services, Cyndi Byrd confirmed that an audit was taking place in Rogers County.

Byrd asserted that “no government agency can have a petty cash fund and expressed concern believing that it indicates a conscious effort to hide issues concerning the handling of monies by a department from auditors.”

She was booked into Rogers County Jail Thursday morning.

Henry was elected as Rogers County Court Clerk in 2012. As the Rogers County District Attorney recused himself from the case, charges were filed by the Tulsa County District Attorney.

The board of county commissioners will discuss “pending investigation, litigation or proceedings” regarding Henry at their Monday meeting.