The Cherokee Nation Community Assistance Grant helped to continue Foyil’s Reflex Math program into it’s third year.

Playing games on tablets may not look like school, but it helps elementary students at Foyil grasp math concepts more effectively.

Reflex Math is an individualized system for mastering basic facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Learning through games is not a new concept. Games are fun and engaging while challenging students to solve problems.

"I feel it has made them an overall stronger math student. Because they know their multiplication facts, they can do division easier,” said Foyil teacher Dawn Aschoff. “Also, when we started working with fractions they are able to find common denominators and reduce fractions easier."

"Students say it was really fun,” Aschoff said.

They like being able to see their progress within the program, unlocking more games when they master certain facts and concepts.

There is always a new game to play so students never lose interest. Students also responded to the fun characters within the program.

Reflex Math provides information about each student’s performance to the teacher. Charts detail each students strengths and weaknesses, allowing the teacher to tailor instruction to each student.

"We could learn and have fun at the same time,” Aschoff said.

“This program has was funded the past two years by grants that are no longer available,” said FPS Administrative Assistant Jackie Luckinbill. “I applied through the Cherokee Nation Community Assistance to see if there was any possibility of funding available to continue this program for our students. The Cherokee Nation granted the request and funded the monies required for the renewal for this school year.”