A Claremore couple is facing felony child abuse charges.

Claremore Police Department Investigators were notified to the situation by an elementary school that a student disclosed he had been "beat with a wooden paddle, kicked in the stomach and punched" by John Forrester.

CPD records show the child sustained injuries to his buttocks, upper and inner thighs, ribs, left arm and left wrist.

In speaking with investigators, Forrester is quoted in saying he was not surprised about leaving bruises on the child's buttocks, but "did not think he left all of them."

Forrester was arrested and is facing a possible felony child abuse charge.

Brittney Barneck is facing a possible felony charge of enabling child abuse. Records show she "knew that Forrester had punched [the juvenile] in the chest, but didn't think it was that serious so she didn't think much of it."