Job Million

A child roaming the parking lot of 10Box Cost Plus alone drew the attention of local law enforcement Friday.

After responding to the scene, officers with Claremore Police Department located the parents of the child at a nearby residence on Missouri Ave.

"When questioned where their daughter was, neither parent knew the location of their daughter," CPD records show. "The father, Job Million, stated he was responsible for watching the kids."

The one and a half year old walked approximately half a block from the residence, crossing a public street, according to officers.

During their investigations, Million, 24, disclosed there were three marijuana plants on the back porch of his residence on 10th Street and that there was paraphernalia inside his bedroom.

CPD records indicated Million signed a waiver of consent to search his home, in which officers located the three marijuana plants and paraphernalia.

Million was arrested on felony allegation of child neglect and cultivating marijuana.

Million's bond is currently set at $20,000.