Parking lot

CHS Student Council members honored school resource officers Tuesday, by dedicating the closest parking spot to the entrance with a hand-painted Claremore Police emblem. Back left to right: School Resource Officer James Sutton, Police Chief Stan Brown, Resource Officer Vickie Hershberger. Front left to right: Juniors Bre Caulley, Kiersten Piotter and Alisa Wright.

The Claremore High School Student Council kicked of it’s most colorful fundraiser to date with a tribute to the school resource officers, who keep students safe every day.

Spring semester, 2019, the student council is piloting, “Leave your mark at CHS,” where Senior students can purchase a parking space and decorate it as they wish, within student conduct guidelines.

Junior Alisa Wright said, “We wanted something special for the Seniors here to look forward to and have a fun activity during their last year at CHS.”

Senior students pay $30 to use and decorate the space for a semester.

Student Council Advisor Jeanette Tracy said students will have to purchase their own supplies, and painting can take up to seven hours. Decorations will be removed after graduation each year, to make room for an incoming class of Seniors.

The student council will use the proceeds for purchases throughout the year to benefit the whole student body.

To kick off the program, Juniors Kiersten Piotter, Bre Caulley and Wright painted the visitor parking space closest to the high school entrance with the Claremore Police emblem, dedicating it as the permanent parking spot for school resource officers.

Claremore Police Chief Stan Brown said “We appreciate CPS, Ms. Travis, and the students for providing this parking spot for school resource officers.”

“School resource officers are a tremendous asset to the school, students, administration and the community,” Brown said. “The collaborative effort between the resource officers and the school provides a safer campus for four students.”