A quarterly update from Rogers County's economic development experts previewed the presence of a new manufacturer.

During Monday morning's Rogers County Commissioner meeting, Kayleigh Hossack, representing Claremore Industrial and Economic Development Authority, gave the update.

"Similarly to 2017 we continue to see our manufacturing industry grow in Rogers County. A lot of the businesses that had to reduce forces due to oil and gas layoffs, are coming back and able to re-hire those positions. We continue to see them grow and expand. We have had expansions of three manufacturers in Rogers County, expanding square footage and jobs," she said. "We've also recruited one new manufacturer. That announcement has not been made public but we hope to announce that by the end of the year."

Additionally, Hossack explained, "We've continued to see quality job growth, that's salaries over $50,000 per year and we've had 400 of those new jobs in Rogers County this year."

Last Friday, she said, CIEDA re-vamped and re-launched their web page to better feature Rogers County.

"We quickly realized we were not properly showcasing the county and what information site selectors were looking for," she said. "A lot of times when they begin the site selection process they first visit our website and if they can't find that information there's an opportunity that we're eliminated and we have no idea. We have spent about the last six months gathering a lot of that data and placing it on our web page."