City embraces Complete Streets Program

Graphic details Complete Street concepts.

Claremore is embracing multi-modal transportation.

A commitment to the Complete Streets Program means walking and biking in Claremore could be even safer moving forward.

This week, city leaders signed a resolution adopting a Claremore Complete Streets Policy.

"This is about providing safe, accessible, convenient transportation facilities for multi-modal transportation," said Kyle Clifton. "That includes bicycles, walkability."

He explained that, "This policy requires nothing of the city other than making a commitment to evaluate each street project."

The Complete Street approach, according to their website, varies based on the community but can include: sidewalks, bicycle lanes, bus lanes, public transportation stops, crossing opportunities, median islands, accessible pedestrian signals, curb extensions, modified vehicle travel lanes, streetscape, and landscape treatments.

Clifton said that while some street projects will be a good candidate, others, due to financial or engineering constraints, may not be good candidates.

In some cases the project may be a good candidate. In other cases due to financial "So we have to look at those individually and find out which ones are good candidates for the Complete Streets Program," he said.

"This program is promoting a healthy lifestyle, for people to be more active. It is in line with a recommendation in our comprehensive plan. It also allows the city to have access to grant opportunities we wouldn't otherwise have access to."

City councilor Herb McSpadden said "I'm glad we're going this direction. I go to other cities and see bike trails and walking trails and sidewalks so I'm glad we're headed in that direction."

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