The City of Claremore voted Monday to accept a donation of land next to Petsense in exchange for city crews repairing the parking lot south of the store.

The land was appraised to be worth $13,000 while the cost of construction is estimated to be a less than $5,000, mean- ing the difference in value is being donated to the city by the property owner.

The lot was damaged by rain water washing out the dirt underneath. City crews will repair the structure by building a retaining wall and refilling the land underneath the lot.

Assistant City Planner Kyle Clifton said, “It’s about .42 acres and most of it is floodway. It’s definitely not a desirable piece of property in terms of development, but it is desirable in terms of being able to access utilities and potentially be able to maintain the creek in a very visible part of our city.”

One particular issue that made this a good deal for the city was, Clifton said, “There were two easements that impacted this property and what we found was our gravity feed sewer line is actually outside of the easement, so should we ever need to actually maintain this thing, we’ve got a problem.”

“This is really an exchange, but it’s not an equal exchange,” Mayor Bill Flanagan said, asking City Attorney Bryan Drummond if the wording was legally correct.

“What is the obligation of the city as far as maintenance of this property?” asked Ward 3 Councilor Ken Hays.

“We’ll have to do general maintenance in terms of weed eating and mowing,” Clifton said. He pointed out that this acquisition will help the city by fitting into a public works department priority to maintain creek areas that visible on the main thoroughfares in town. “Since this one of those particular situations, it provides them access to be able to get in there, clean it out and keep it kept.”