Jim Thomas

All conditions of the city mangers employment contract will remain the same in the upcoming fiscal year.

City Manager Jim Thomas' employment contract was renewed in advance of the start of the 2020-2021 fiscal year.

The city manager's salary of $142,014.12 will remain the same from the 2019 contract.

His salary was $139,256 in 2018 and $135,200 in 2017.

Other conditions that remain unchanged include a monthly cell phone allowance of $150 and a monthly automobile allowance of $600.

According to his contract, Thomas is subject to one written evaluation of his performance per year and will be reimbursed for "reasonable and necessary" travel expenses and appropriate expenditures on behalf of the city."

Another constant in the employment contract is that Thomas, should he resign, is eligible for 12 months of severance at his current rate of pay.

The contract also outlines a "defined contribution incentive plan," which says:

"…Effective the first day of July , 2019, and on or before the same day of each year thereafter, for a period of five years, upon annual renewal of the city manager's contract , the city shall cause to be accrued with the city as a liability, in favor of the city manager, the sum of $15,000."

The contract stipulates that the city council may consider an adjustment in the allocation amount in the future based on job performance. It also states that after five years, Thomas "shall be entitled to receive the entire balance of the defined contribution special incentive plan, including all accrued interest." Should the city manager leave his position before June 30, 2024, though, he will forfeit his right to the plan.

“Although it has been a challenging time, the City of Claremore is doing its best to respond and recover from the economic impact of COVID-19. It has been an honor to work alongside city and community leaders who are focused on the growth and constant improvement of Claremore,” Thomas told the Progress. “Although we have been faced with some recent challenges, our community has a lot of exciting things planned for the future - housing developments, water line projects, and additional economic development and retail. I am confident in our plans and believe we will continue to thrive, and I am honored to continue serving as Claremore's city manager.”

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