City of Claremore

A local farmer's market vendor inspired city officials to take another look at the Claremore's alcohol ordinance.

Every Saturday, vendors, set up shop to at Gazebo Park to peddle their produce and handcrafted items. Among them each weekend is a local winery.

Jill Ferenc appeared before the city council with a request to change the current ordinance that regulates consumption of alcoholic beverages in public.

Currently, alcohol consumption is allowed at two locations, a certain geographical area downtown and at the Claremore Expo, and at select parks with approval from the city manager, Ferenc explained.

"We are proposing a language revision," she said. "We found, when we started looking, it is silent to actually selling alcoholic beverage. We have a new great Farmer's Market open every Saturday. There's a local winery vendor that sells bottled wine for consumption off premises, not to drink at the event. Currently we only talk about consuming alcohol in our ordinance so what we're proposing is that we add language for possession and selling."

The council approved the change of the wording and the city manager will then grant authorization to sell alcohol at the farmer's market