After a year in development, the city of Claremore adopted a vision statement, mission statement and a set of core values for it’s employees this week.

The vision, mission and core values were developed and rolled out by Human Resources Director Ashley Hickman.

“When I came to work here about 18 months ago, everything says ‘Claremore. Clearly More.’ so I began investigating what exactly that means,” Hickman said.

After learning the history behind the marketing campaign, Hickman compiled a team of city employees who spent a year discussing what values to portray.

City employees Daryl Golbeck, Jill Ferenc, Jonah Humes, David White, Sherry Beach, and Lisa Wilson contributed to this project.

“It was very well thought out, very heartfelt, very sincere and authentic,” Hickman said. “This is a centralized employee vision for each other and how we serve the community.”

The city envisions, “a vibrant community that honors our heritage and provides everyone the opportunity for growth.”

The city’s mission is, “to serve the people of Claremore through: principled leadership, unified partnerships and productive relationships.

The core values of the city of Claremore are character, originality, responsibility and excellence.

“We choose to serve out community and each other with honesty, integrity and a commitment to moral courage. We encourage individuals to share their own unique ideas and perspectives as we strive to innovate and forge creative outcomes. We hold ourselves accountable to each other and our community by taking ownership and committing to results. We believe excellence is intentional and the result of high performance, skillful execution and continuous improvement,” the core values said.

All employees will be given a brochure with the city vision, mission and core values and posters will be placed in the council chambers and in every city department office.

“We want to see it every day so we can make it a part of who we are,” Hickman said.