Claremore Band proven superior  for third consecutive year

The Claremore High School Band holds their plaque, recognizing superior achievement among Oklahoma high school 5A bands.

The Claremore Marching Band was recognized with a superior rating at the OSSAA band contest last week.

Drum Majors Alyson Harvey and Katie Bains said the recognition is proof that the band’s hard work is paying off.

“As a senior, it meant a lot seeing the improvement from freshman year to this year,” Bains said. “We pushed forward and gave it our best effort.”

“It just goes to show all of our hard work, hours, dedication, it means something,” Harvey said.

The OSSAA competition, unlike others, has each band competing against a standard of excellence, as opposed to playing against other bands.

Claremore High School exceeded that standard, with great uniformity in sound, movement and appearance as well as excellent performance of their music.

“It is a very high standard to get a superior rating at contest,” Mudd said. The recognition serves as proof that, “we can be musically and physically superior at a very high level.”

The band has two more contests in the spring. This win puts them on track to take home a sweepstakes for a second year.

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