The city of Clare was informed late Tuesday night of a water line break at 5th and Chickasaw, affecting only the one-block area.

Water crews were dispatched and repairs were completed by 2:45 a.m.

“Although discoloration has been reported in this area, the water was deemed safe for consumption based on Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality and Environmental Protection Agency guidelines for when boil orders should be initiated,” the city said in a statement to the Progress.

A boil order is typically required when the system fails treatment process tests, when there is a loss of system pressure below 25 psi and when there is a natural disaster.

“The line break that occurred was isolated before the system pressure was lost so a boil order was not required. Flushing of the break area occurred immediately after repairs,” the city said. “These types of breaks occur quite frequently on public water systems and rarely constitute a boil order.”

City employees recommended that households experiencing discoloration flush the lines in their homes by allowing water to run. City crews are continuing to flush and clear the lines to remedy the issue.

Should issues persist, residents are asked to contact the City of Claremore at 918-341-1325 ext. 286 or 918-341-1212.


A power outage effecting approximately 1,000 to 1,500 homes and businesses was reported Wednesday morning. The outage lasted approximately 20 minutes and was the result of a blow circuit at a substation.

During regular business hours power outages should be reported to 918-341-1325 ext. 252 and after hours t0 918-283-8299.

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