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Pictured from left to right, Fransisco Gonzales, Steve Robinson, Rosemary Roosa and Bill Flanagan pour dirt on the sycamore moon tree.

The roots of Stuart A. Roosa’s legacy run deep in Claremore. With a street and school named after him, his legacy continues in the form of a tree.

Claremore Museum of History planted a sycamore tree that is a descendant of a sycamore tree seed that Stuart Roosa took to space during the Apollo 14 mission.

“This is such a special day in the life of the museum, but also the city of Claremore — event for education,” Claremore Museum of History board chairman Steve Robinson said. “We are thrilled for Claremore, the home of our favorite astronaut, Stuart A. Roosa.”

Mayor Bill Flanagan proclaimed Sunday, May 23, 2021 to be recognized as Stuart A Roosa Moon Tree Planting Day.

“Whereas Stuart Roosa was raised in Claremore and had a positive influence thorough his passion for space and quest for knowledge and exploration,” Flanagan said while reading the proclamation. “Whereas, Stuart is part of the Mission for Apollo 14, he took various tree seeds to better understand the impact of zero gravity and elements of space could have on the seed. Whereas his legacy and his affiliation with NASA and association with service and the ongoing inspiration to motivate Claremore students to reach for the stars.”

Stuart Roosa’s daughter, Rosemary Roosa, said is was an honor to attend the event.

“It’s got its roots here in Claremore, where daddy's roots were,” she said.

Rosemary said she was 7-years-old when her father went into space.

“I just grew up around space in in the history of space,” she said. “It’s just so important that we keep the history of Apollo alive and exploration and adventure. These moon trees are great way to inspire children to learn about conservation, but to also learn about the space program.”

Robinson said this day would not have been possible without the help of Rosemary.

“She is the reason we have a moon tree in the City of Claremore,” he said.

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