Rogers County Courthouse

With their annual fundraisers cancelled because of COVID-19, local 4-H organizers were unsure where their operating money would come from.

Monday, Rogers County Commissioners discussed the funding loss and ways they could help.

Donna Patterson, representing the OSU Extension Office/4-H said, "We typically have two fundraisers throughout the year, one over the summer and the steak dinner that is usually the weekend of the county fair….The steak dinner for the 4-H is one of our main fundraisers."

She said each dinner also serves as a fundraiser for local clubs.

"Every ticket they sell, the club receives a dollar. It gives them an incentive to sell and it's a little bit of a fundraiser for them," Patterson explained.

Excluding the amounts allocated to each club, the 2018 dinner raised $1,805 and the 2019 dinner raised $2,121.

Patterson said a silent auction was also held during the 2019 dinner that raised an additional $1,000.

She said the funds are put towards paying for students to attend conferences, scholarships, and other activities and operations expenses.

"This is a county organization. My two daughters went through 4-H and the number of things they were able to participate in through this additional funding provided by these sorts of fundraisers," said Commissioner Ron Burrows. "I'd like to question the other commissioners—since this was canceled because of COVID, what they think about giving OSU Extension some money through that CARES Act to supplement the revenue they lost and allow those kids to still be able to participate in those programs that are critical to the development of their future careers."

Commissioner Dan Delozier said, "I thicken it's important. We need to help with this."

Commissioner Steve Hendrix agreed.

"I agree. We've helped other industries and agencies, this is no different….and it's the children of the community that it's going to benefit," Hendrix said.

Ultimately , the commissioners agreed to allocate $2,000 to 4-H through the OSU Extension Office to offset the money lost by their missed fundraiser.

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