Commissioners: Mask requirements will continue at courthouse

Deputy Will Taylor with Rogers County Sheriff’s Office works security at the Rogers County Courthouse, where all visitors are required to have their temperature taken and wear a face covering of some kind.

Courthouse guests will be required to wear a mask for the foreseeable future.

Many visitors to the Rogers County Courthouse have asked when the COVID-19 restrictions will be lifted, but Rogers County Commissioners said it won't be for a while.

"There seems to be spikes across the country of COVID-19 cases. Questions have been asked to me 'how long we are still going to be required to wear a mask in the courthouse?' I don't see anybody relaxing that," said Commissioner Ron Burrows. "I would say we're going to stay vigilant in that regard. In public spaces, the hallways, coming into the courthouse, I think we need to stay vigilant in what we're doing."

Commissioner Dan Delozier added, "We opened the courthouse to let the public back in. We have a responsibility to make sure that we do everything we can to keep the numbers down. Knock on wood, so far I don't know of any employees that have tested positive. So what we're doing, I think it's helping."

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