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Crews begin working on tying in customer connections to the main water line.

Replacement of the Sioux water line is complete with phase one of the $3.7 million Talbert-Sioux Waterline Replacement project at 80 percent done.

Claremore City Engineer Garrett Ball said the new line has been place, testing has been completed and over the next two week they will be tying in main water lines and customer connections to the new line.

Ball said in about two weeks contractors will close Blue Starr Drive again to connect the lines that run under the intersection.

“Within the next two weeks we’ll shut it back down to make four tie-ins to existing lines right there in the intersection,” he said. “Once we get those tie-ins complete, then they can go back and put the pavement back and everything will look like it did before.”

Ball said before they could connect the new line to the existing line, they had to flush the line and conduct a bacteria test.

“You can’t tie in the new line into the existing line until you have the bacteria test completed on the new line,” he said.

Along the stretch of Sioux, Ball said there are about 12 main lines and several customer connections that contractors will connect to the new line.

This project was awarded in March to McGuire Brothers Construction and began towards the end of July. The project is broken down in two phases and is expected to take a year to complete, weather permitting.

The first phase is replacing the water line on Sioux from the water tower to Blue Starr Drive with a 24-inch line. The second phase includes replacing the water line from the north side of Hillcrest Hospital on Florence heading to Valley Parkway, west of Route 66 off of Blue Star.

Ball said this project is replacing a lot of cast iron pipe that “causes issues almost on a daily basis.”

“The line is old and brittle,” he said.

Ball said between the Sioux and Talbert water lines there have been 25 main breaks within the last 2 years.

“It’ll eliminate that,” he said. “Getting rid of the cast iron pipe, every bit of cast iron pipe we get rid of, that helps the quality of the water. This project will considerably improve available fire flow through that whole side of town.”

The Sioux and Talbert water lines connect the two main towers to the water system.

“Being able to push water to the towers faster helps us run the system better where we can actually turn over the water thats in the system faster and more efficient so that we keep fresher water in the system which will help water quality,” he said.

Ball said construction started on phase two of the project and stands at about 10 percent completed.

Subcontractors began working on constructing two railroad bores and a bore under Highway 66 in early August.

Ball said contractors will dig pit on either side of the railroad and bore under railroad pushing a casing through. The casing is what the water line will go through when they get to that portion of the project.

“They put a piece of steel pipe across the railroad right of way and when they get to it, they’ll push the water line through it,” he said.

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