City of Claremore

A new development of 19 cottage-style homes is in the works.

Zoning has been approved and city and developers are moving into the platting phase of the development.

Recently, the city signed off on the zoning request saying the development meets the requirements outlined in the mixed use development per the city's comprehensive plan.

"The next step will be platting 4 lots and we hope to have a Preliminary and Final Plat submitted to the Planning Commission sometime in October," said Kyle Clifton, Director of Urban Design and Long Range Planning for the city of Claremore. "Per the filed planning development document, I can confirm that the cottage homes will be between 950-1500 sq. ft in size and the architectural elements of the cottages will be managed by the builder. The total net land area is 6.72 acres with ALL development phases accounted for. This, of course, includes 19 residential lots and one large commercial lot."

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