Tonight, Claremore City Council is discussing details of a new Atwoods development in the works.

The retailer is in the process of developing property for a new, larger store site.

Acting City Manager John Feary said the new development is in the works on the corner of Country Club and Highway 66.

"This is a 70,000+ square foot store that will increase their full time and part time employment significantly," said Feary. "We're excited that this has come here. Currently Atwoods averages about a $225,000 per year return on sales tax to the city of Claremore. Their model where they've done this re-vamped store model elsewhere they've increase their gross sales 60-100 percent."

"They're under the gun. Their lease is up on their existing building on June 30, 2021," said Feary. "So they have a very tight window to build a very large store."

Feary said the store was in need of a new development, and the city wanted to do everything they could to keep it in city limits.

He said this opens up their existing place in town that will be "a desirable parcel for someone else."

Watch for more information this week.

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