City of Claremore

Claremore City Council unanimously voted to remove the mask mandate effective immediately, during the regular Monday meeting.

“When you look at all the factors and all the indicators, it indicates that it’s time to repeal the ordinance,” Mayor Bill Flanagan said.

Flanagan said masks and social distancing added a little bit of insurance and safety for the person wearing the mask and those around them.

“The overall situation, not only in Tulsa, but also in the state, is so much better than it was,” he said.

Flanagan said this ordinance was originally put in place – on Nov. 20, 2020 and extended Feb. 2, 2021 – due to the high volume of COVID patients at the Hillcrest Claremore hospital.

“The hospital at that time was full,” he said. “COVID-19 patients had to be shipped out to other states. So, we were maxed out as far as medically.”

Flanagan said he visited with the hospital and they told him they had no COVID patients.

“Our environment, back when we put the ordinance in, and our environment today is entirely different,” he said.

City manager John Feary said he talked to several department heads and discussed that the can make recommendations to wearing masks if depending of if someone's not feeling well or are exhibiting symptoms.

“My thought is and my direction to the department heads is that the ordinance has been repealed, we will not require them,” he said.

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