Rogers County Assessor Scott Marsh was able to trim a total of $2,142 from the 2018-2019 fiscal year budget.

Marsh said his department’s budget is divided into two categories, visual inspection and assessor general.

“The Visual Inspection side increased $27,827 from last year because we need a new server to run the department, while the Assessor General side decreased $29,999 because I cut contract appraisals from my budget. The overall change is -$2,142 from 2017,” he said.

Marsh said the 2018-2019 total budget for his office is $906,464.

This is compared to $908,606 last year.

“We are very frugal with spending in my office even though the work load steadily increases in our rapidly growing county.  We screw chairs back together, recycle paper for note pads instead of purchasing post-its, and I even pay for our coffee (which we offer to the public) out of my own pocket, etc. Every little bit helps and adds up,” he said.

“Despite  all of this, we still manage run an efficient office and pass all of our State Performance Audits and Ratio Studies conducted by the State Auditor and Inspector as well as the Oklahoma Tax Commission.”