County growth means emergency expense for assessor’s office

Unexpected county growth has resulted in emergency funds being requested for the county assessor's office.

Rogers County Assessor Scott Marsh is statutorily required to send out notices to tax payers and property owners in Rogers County notifying them of changes in assessment value.

It's an expense the commissioners agreed wasn't in the assessor's "bare bones" budget.

"When we were making our budget last year we told everyone to do the best they could to try to cut everything they could," said Commissioner Dan Delozier. "We needed a bare bones budget. But we told everyone if they needed anything extra to come back to us. And, I think, that's what this is. You cut your budget and now you're back asking for something you need."

The commissioners broke down the funds needed:

•$11,630 for postage

•$1,150 for envelopes

•$1,016 for paper and printer cartridges

•$725 for pre-printed inserts

Before the funds could be transferred, the commissioners were first required to declare the request an emergency.

"To clarify, this has nothing to do with the assessor not having sufficient budget in the beginning," said Commissioner Ron Burrows. "This all comes with growth in the county. It's unanticipated growth, which is healthy. This is the result of just needing some additional funds to cover that growth."

Marsh said the notices are time sensitive. He also noted that he could be making an emergency request for maintenance and operations funds next month.