County hits tax collection benchmark

This infographic, created by the county treasurer, answers the question- Where do my taxes go?

"You can't manage what you don't measure."

With that in mind, Rogers County Treasurer shared some metrics his office tracks throughout the year.

"Just coming off of tax season, I wanted to share some of these numbers with you. said Treasurer Jason Carini. "One of the things we do is that we go out to multiple sites across the county to allow people to pay their property taxes. We had an increase this year, we had 268 customers use those services. That's 268 customers that didn't have to drive to the courthouse, go through security, etc."

He said he prefers to call them customers as his office is in the customer service business.

"The drop box out front, we're pretty excited about it- last year there were 1,374 folks that used it this year we had just over 1,500 that used it. Again, that's 1,500 people that didn't have to park, go through security, or wait in line. So, great customer service and that's what our goal is," he said, adding that he knows there were concerns about the drop box and whether it would get used or not.

But, he said, the results seem to be speaking for themselves.

"The original tax roll is right at $91.9 million. We collected, as of Jan. 3, $70.5 million, which represents 76.64% of the current tax roll. We've never hit more than 75%, honestly I was shocked," he said.

Carini further explained that the tax roll is the "assessment valuation that comes from the assessor's office. The total valuation from the County Assessor's office is 952,482,902. When multiplied against the millage (the millage rate varies across the county), it will produce the tax dollar amount. That tax dollar amount for 2019 taxes is the $91.9 million. In other words, this office will collect almost $92 million and apportion that to all the schools, vo-techs, fire districts, health department, county, etc."

He said in the past two years they collected 74.4 percent and 74.9 percent of the tax roll by the end of December when the first half, or entire amount is due.

"I'm very proud of my staff. They do an amazing job allowing us to hit the 76.6% mark," Carini said.

While tax collection and allocation can get complicated, Carini explained exactly what this collection means for the county as a whole.

"By collecting a higher rate, we're able to get that money to the schools quicker. And the schools (public and vo-tech) receive most of the funds," he said.

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