Snow alert

Rogers County Board of Commissioners approved the purchase of a snowplow and sand spreader for $15,000 Tuesday morning.

Maintaining the courthouse parking lot, the 911 center and county property around Claremore will be the priority of the new equipment.

District 1 County Commissioner Dan DeLozier said the purchase is just one step in preparing for winter weather.

“We are pretty well ready for the winter,” DeLozier said. “All of our sand trucks, snow plows, motor graders, loaders with snow plows on the front, we've got everything ready to go.”

February's ice and snow storm put stress on infrastructure across the state. Pipes bursting and electric outages are problems many faced. DeLozier said the county doesn't have control of the electric companies, but his team is doing what they can to make it easier for electric companies to respond to outages.

“We will maintain the roads so the electric co-ops and the electric companies can get around,” DeLozier said. “We do open all of our county roads pretty quick.”

With temperatures set to drop below freezing this weekend, DeLozier said the county is prepared to deploy road treatments if it looks as though ice will be a problem.

“This is ice season,” DeLozier said.

DeLozier said he encourages citizens to call their district office if a county road is not cleared or safe due to winter weather. District 1 office's phone number is (918) 789-2279, District 2 is (918) 443-2441 and District 3 is (918) 341-2380.

Rogers County Emergency Management Director Scotty Stokes said community members should prepare how they plan to keep warm now.

“Make sure heaters are in working order,” Stokes said. “Change filters, make sure your fireplace is ready to go and your chimney is clean. We haven't really had to use those much this winter and I'm sure [the cold weather] will come as a shock to everyone, even though we know it's coming.”

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