Rogers County Election Board

Preparations are being made for the 2020 presidential elections.

This week Rogers County Election Board Secretary Julie Dermody requested a few extra dollars from the county commissioners to help cover local expense.

"Countys are responsible for a portion of the expense for the precinct workers. This is $2 per precinct worker expense but will be going up to $5 after the June election," Dermody said. "It's not something, for a presidential election, that we normally have. We don't plan for it. It's only $334, depending on the number of workers we need so it could go up another $24 or so."

She said, "The state picks up the biggest portion, and the county's cover a little part. We're asking that you guys take it into consideration and we'll take care of that part of the bill."

She said this is a pre-election expense that has to be paid prior to the election so there's money in the coffer to pay precinct workers on election day. Then she'll bring any post-election expense back to the commissioners.

"The post-election we don't do until after, in case we have to bring more people in. We won't know that amount until after. At the most it would be just $24 more because I need about 12 more workers but I don't have them yet," Dermody said.

Ultimately, the commissioners agreed to cover the cost.

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