New Year’s celebrations have come and gone, as well as the deadline for paying local ad valorem taxes. 
Rogers County Treasurer Kathy Pinkerton-Baker said citizens could find a few options if they missed the deadline.
Although, the treasurer’s staff has been working hard to help people meet the deadline, she said every year there are few people who just forget.
Citizens can still pay their personal, business or property taxes online or in-person at the courthouse.
The taxes will now have a 1 1⁄2 percent late fee, which accrues monthly.
Credit and debit card payments are available. However, a convenience fee of approximately 3 percent will be added to the total bill, according to Pinkerton-Baker.
The fee is not paid to the county.  The credit card companies charge it for processing the payment, she said.
“We encourage the telephone payment option,” Pinkerton-Baker said. “Not only because it is easier, but because there is no parking available for taxpayers at the courthouse.”
Tax notices were mailed out in early December, according to Pinkerton-Baker.
“If you have not received your notice please call us,” she said.
Another important reminder for taxpayers is to pay their personal property taxes.
They must be paid on farm equipment, mobile homes and business ownerss or taxpayers can be subject to tax warrants, according to Pinkerton-Baker.
Most people associate tax time with their home property tax, if your taxes are escrowed your mortgage company will pay the taxes, she said.
The treasurer’s office changed the way they handled tax notices this year and some homeowners may be looking for a notice in the mail, even if they have escrowed the payment.
“We are going green and we are not mailing escrowed accounts to the homeowners,” said Pinkteron-Baker. “It will save the county a lot of money on postage.”
Homeowners can find their tax statement information online at or call the office at (918) 923-4797.
A receipt can be sent by email or fax if necessary, she said.
One other option is for the taxpayer to send a self-addressed stamped envelope for tax receipt, according to Pinkerton-Baker.

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