Video footage of a couple slapping a 12-year old child across the face was uncovered during a child abuse investigation that resulted in two Claremore residents facing felony charges.

Johnathan Wintermute, 41, and Kimberly Wintermute, 31, have been charged with three felony counts of child abuse each in Rogers County District Court.

Statements filed by a deputy with Rogers County Sheriff's Office states that in a video submitted to law enforcement "you can hear and partially see Johnathan and Kimberly Wintermute yelling, cussing, threatening physical abuse towards the child and very direct slaps across the face of the 12-year old child."

The deputy also reported learning from Kimberly that "after the video ends they used a wooden paddle to spank the child and used such force that the paddle broke."

"Both parties admitted that the level of violence against the child was excessive and understood that it was abuse," the deputy reported.

Both individuals were booked into Rogers County Jail and bond was set at $30,000 each.

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