Lynda Padgett

Just over two hours after being released from Rogers County Jail, a Claremore woman was arrested for stalking—again.

This is according to Claremore Police Department reports that show Lynda Padgett, 55, was arrested on felony stalking allegations Friday.

“Claremore Police Department has responded to the address in question at least seven times over the past two months for Lynda Padgett’s continued stalking behavior,” reports say. “On Feb. 12, Padgett was arrested for stalking and first degree burglary. Padgett was released from jail on this day around 6 p.m., and just two and a half hours later, the 14-year old victim saw Padgett standing in her backyard shining a flashlight.”

Police were called and Padgett was found standing in the alley behind the residence holding a flashlight, according to CPD.

Officers report that “Padgett denied being in the victim’s back yard but gave at least two different stories of what she was doing near the victim’s back gate.”

They added that a condition of Padgett’s current bond was that she have no contact with the victim and that she wear an ankle monitor.

While the arrest was made Friday, no formal charges have been filed in Rogers County District Court in this case as of Monday morning.

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