Claremore Police Department

Editors note: This story includes details some may find graphic in nature.

Child neglect and animal cruelty charges were filed after officers found four children living in a home "covered with animal feces, animal urine, human urine, and a dead chinchilla in a cage."

This week, the felony charges were filed against Maxine Robichaud, 67, and Sandra Wood, 50.

Describing the residence, officers report, "The floor was covered in dog feces and pig feces in various states from fresh to old. Much of the feces had been smashed into the floor and/or smeared on the floor from the family stepping in it."

In addition to the two adults and four children, aged 11,9,6, and 3, there were four dogs, two cats, one pig and a chinchilla in the residence.

"Wood said the animals were allowed to urinate and defecate in the house because the backyard holds water and the animals track mud in the house. Wood also stated the children were supposed to clean up after the animals when they relieved themselves in the house," CPD reports.

During an inspection of the residence, investigators found "a urine filled-potty training toilet" in one of the bedrooms.

"Wood said [the child] was not allowed out of his room at night. She said that Robichaud was emptying the toilet on a regular basis," officers report. "Robichaud said she generally dumps the toilet about once a week, but could not remember the last time she had dumped it."

In the bedroom of one of the children officers found dog feces on top of clothes and mixed in with toys. Another of the children's bedroom was said to be where the chinchilla and pig were housed.

"Wood said the house was 'nasty.' Robichaud said she did not see anything wrong with the kids living in the house. Robichaud said she knew the pig was defecating in the house but did not mind because it was not defecating in her room," according to CPD reports filed in the case.

Both Wood and Robichaud reportedly blamed each other for the death of the chinchilla, with Wood accusing Robichaud of spending all her money on beer and never food for the animal.

Charges were filed in Rogers County District Court Tuesday, both with warrants carrying $50,000 bonds.

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