A 3-year old child found riding a bike in the street, in the dark, alone sparked the attention of a concerned citizen who contacted Claremore Police Department.

The reporting party they were following the child to keep a watchful eye until police could arrive. Officers arrived on scene to find the caller using their vehicle hazard lights to keep traffic away from the child, which officers determined was half a mile away from their residence.

CPD reports said it took officers several attempt at knocking on the door to make contact with the child’s mother, Tiffany Smith. While speaking to Smith, officers report noticing slurred speech and an odor of alcohol.

“Smith denied any usage of alcohol or medication. She stated she was watching TV and the child had left for five minutes,” officers reported. “She later stated she was asleep on the couch and was not sure how long the child had been gone.”

According to CPD, Smith said she was “very tired” and that “no one understands being a single mother...She stated several times that she didn’t do anything wrong.”

CPD records also show a previous call to Smith’s residence, on Nov. 10.

“Claremore Fire Department and Claremore Police Department responded to the residence, due to a fire alarm. During that call, the fire alarm was activated due to the child burning food in a microwave causing the residence to fill with smoke. It took the fire department several attempts for Smith to answer the door,” CPD said. “The fire department nearly forced entry inside the residence. Smith stated she was in the back bedroom with the door closed and fixing her hair.”

CPD arrested Smith on allegations of child neglect.

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