A Claremore man was arrested a week ago on charges of sex crimes against a minor.

According to Claremore Police Sgt. Wayne Stinnett, an underage relative of Calvin Rippee’s came to the Claremore police in July with allegations that he had engaged in sexual acts with her over a period of three years.

As indicated in the Affidavit for Arrest Warrant (on Rippee), the girl stated the defendant had “engaged in sexual intercourse with her approximately five times a month between Aug. 1, 2006 until May 1, 2009,” using his relationship with the girl as leverage against her.

“About a year or so ago, the girl realized the inappropriateness of what was happening and basically told him to stop, after which time, he became increasingly (verbally) abusive with her,” Sgt. Stinnet said. “Things continued to worsen, so much so that she eventually came to us to report what had gone on.”

During the ensuring investigation, the girl, whose relation to Rippee is withheld so as to protect her identity, was interviewed at the Children’s  Advocacy Center in Claremore, as police located and interviewed another witnesses who claimed to have witnessed inappropriate behavior from Rippee.

“During our interview with the other witness, she advised us that she had lived with Rippee for a period of time and that she had observed him touching the victim in an inappropriate manner when she was ten to 11 years of age,” Stinnett said.

 “This witness did not recall being told by the witness at that time that Rippee had had intercourse with her, but that he had ‘done sexual things’ to her.”

After further investigations, Claremore Police felt they had enough evidence to warrant an arrest of Rippee, presented it to the Rogers County District Attorney’s office, and were granted an arrest warrant of Rippee which was executed on Nov. 10.

Rippee was then taken into custody by Claremore Police and arrested on charges of rape in the first degree and lewd or indecent proposals or acts to a child under 16.

He is in currently custody in Rogers County Jail, where he is held on a $150,000 bond.

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