Deplorable conditions cited in child neglect arrest

Deputies described deplorable living conditions in a child neglect arrest made Friday.

Rogers County Sheriff’s Office has arrested Roy Thompson on allegation of child neglect.

“Department of Human Services received a report that Roy Thompson was living in a trailer...that was in deplorable conditions,” reported RCSO.

Deputies reported that upon inspection of the house it was deemed to be an unsafe environment for the 5-year old child in question.

“All of the rooms throughout the house had no electricity along with mold on the ceilings and holes in the floor. There were windows in the trailer that were broken out and every room was unsanitary and in hoarding conditions,” deputies reported. “In Roy’s room there were tattoo guns and needles within reach of the juvenile. The kitchen had open food laying out and the refrigerator was opened to reveal rotten food, all black, covered in dead bugs.”

Deputies said there was no running water in the two bathrooms, which had non-functioning toilets.

Thompson was arrested and booked into Rogers County Jail.

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