A man seen walking across the road with a marijuana plant tucked under his arm was arrested by Rogers County Sheriff's Office.

What started as a domestic dispute call ended in deputies confiscating more than 10 full grown marijuana plants and 118 seedling plants.

According to RCSO reports, Deputy Justin Book was dispatched to a domestic disturbance in Foyil.

When the deputy arrived he reported seeing "an individual, later identified as Jason Cox, walking across the roadway carrying a marijuana plant."

"When I stepped out of my vehicle, Jason held his hands out in front of him with his fists clenched. He asked to be put in restraints 'so we would all feel safe,'" Deputy Book reported.

Deputies were told Cox was seen taking marijuana plants out of a grow room and putting them in the back of his pickup truck. Another party involved reportedly took his keys, believing he was unable to drive, which reportedly resulted in an altercation.

"In the back of the pickup truck, were multiple full grown marijuana plants and multiple seedling plants. Deputies were told there were more marijuana plants in the back of the residence and inside of the home. Jason had a medical Marijuana card but it only allowed for: thee ounces of Marijuana on his person, six mature marijuana plants, six seedling plants, one ounce of concentrated marijuana, seventy-two ounces of edible marijuana, and eight ounces of marijuana in their residence," Book reported.

"I located ten full grown marijuana plants, one hundred and eighteen seedling plants, a jar containing marijuana and a large quantity of marijuana leaves and stems."

According to Book's report, Cox denied allegations of a domestic altercation. He reportedly told deputies he was a partial owner of a marijuana farm, then said he was "master grower."

"Jason stated it was his marijuana plants in the bed of his truck," Book reported. "Jason then stated he had a grow license, but could not provide it."

Book said he contacted the owners of the grow farm and learned they did not give him permission to take the plants.

On Feb. 13 Cox was arrested for public intoxication, domestic assault and battery, possession of a controlled dangerous substance with intent to distribute. As of Tuesday, charges have not yet been filed in Rogers County District Court.

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