Deputy Chief chosen for prestigious FBI Academy

Deputy Chief Steve Cox has been with Claremore Police Department for 14 years and was promoted to his current position in April, 2017. It was announced this week that Cox was chosen to participate in the highly-selective FBI National Academy.

Claremore Police Department's Deputy Chief Steve Cox has been chosen to participate in a highly-selective, high-level FBI National Academy training program.

Announcing the achievement, Chief Stan Brown said, "They're after people of character, people that have educational background, and have demonstrated an ability and desire to continue learning."

Brown said the academy does master-level work.

"It's a good program, a good opportunity—for Deputy Chief Cox and for us," he said. "When it's over with, I know from my past experience interacting with chief's that have participated, you can call other law enforcement nationally and internationally as a resource. It's not a walk in the park. He'll have to produce while he's there, and run a 10-minute mile frequently…We'll miss him while he's gone but we're awfully proud of him."

Cox said the FBI hosts four academies per year and he will be attending the session beginning in January.

"Local police departments to go Quantico for a three month academy with the FBI to improve our relations, improve local law enforcement," he said, adding that it's a very selective program. "There are three people from Oklahoma going."

He said he's eager to expand his knowledge, and to network with other officers and law enforcement administrators from around the world.

Cox said he's grateful for the opportunity to be able to participate.

"I'm grateful the city, and Chief Brown, are allowing me the time to do this. I will be there for three months so that is a burden on them. I'm very thankful," he said.

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