Rogers County Election Board

Many voters have been calling and messaging about "voter credit" not showing yet on the Oklahoma Voter Portal.

If you voted in person, you put your ballot into the machine, you know it was counted. You put it into the machine.

Some locations, because the machine had to be restarted due to paper jam, voters placed their ballot into the Emergency ballot bin.  Protocol in this situation is for the poll workers at the end of the evening to run any ballots placed in the Emergency Ballot bin through the machine before the tally reports are run.

Every ballot, both marked and unmarked must be accounted for at the end of the evening. We would know at the end of the night if all the ballots were not returned or processed.

Now let’s discuss Voter History Credit, every election you vote in you get credit for casting a ballot. Until this election, the Voter History Credit was not visible to the public via the Oklahoma Voter Portal. Credit has always been given; it just was not given immediately, which wasn’t a problem, until this election. I believe because of the national media, and what’s happening in other states, voters are checking their status and are panicking that their voter history credit is not showing for this election. This does not mean your vote did not count.

Let me explain, Voter history Credit must be manually entered. How is this done? Election Board staff flip through the registration pages one at a time giving each voter who signed the registry credit for voting. This is a process which started today because we had to finish researching the 100+ provisional voters to see if their vote was going to count. We also carefully review every green sheet filled out during early voting to make sure every voter was given credit. We had over 7,000 voters vote early. This takes time.

In Rogers County we have 36 precincts. We have over 46,000 signatures of voters to verify and give voter history credit, this takes time.

We are diligently working on doing all the things needed to finish this election in a timely manner. We are also stopping continually to answer phone calls from voters who are concerned, unhappy, or angry at us because they do not see this election in their voter history.

Several comments from voters stating we are not working fast enough or need to hire more people to get the job done faster, is frustrating. The Rogers County Election Board Staff have been working 70+ hours a week for over a month. Election Day they put in 19 hours or more. We did hire additional staff, can't imagine where we would be without them.

Your Rogers County Election Board employees have never griped, got angry with voter calls, or asked to not do more work. You will not find a more dedicated group of people. Please don't be angry or accuse my people of nefarious actions or neglecting to properly do our jobs. All of us here have one goal in mind … to conduct the elections with professionalism and integrity.

Julie Dermody

Secretary, Rogers County Election Board

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