City of Claremore

Better than expected sales and use tax revenue speaks to the community's commitment to shopping local.

This is according to Claremore Industrial and Economic Development Authority Executive Director John Feary who provided a tax revenue update this week to the county commissioners.

"It's been interesting to see that through this pandemic we have continued to see terrific growth of our sales and use tax," Feary said, soaking of the first three months of the fiscal year. "Right now we're about 22 percent above expectations on use tax. As things have opened back up and people have gone to back to brick-and-mortar stores that has decreased from what it was—40 percent then 30 percent at one time but even while going down, it's still 22 percent better than expected."

He credits some of the increase in spending to stimulus checks, increased monthly unemployment allotments and the overall national increase in online shopping.

He said as use tax is going down, sales tax is going up.

Feary added, "Our sales tax revenues for Claremore are still monthly 13.5-15 percent higher than this same collection period last year. We collected $111,000 more than this same period last year."

"It's so great to see the community supporting local rather than going onto Tulsa. It's been so exciting to see our local businesses thrive through this. I was worried. We're in really good shape," Feary said. "It's a true testament to the citizens of Claremore and Rogers County supporting our local businesses—their friends and neighbors, people who have invested in our community."

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