Oklahoma voters rejected the two state questions on the ballot.

At the end of the night, results showed Oklahoma voters overwhelmingly rejected State Question 805 and State Question 814.

"I'm so very grateful that the voters of Rogers, Mayes, and Craig Counties resoundingly rejected SQ 805 at the polls tonight. I'm so proud of the efforts of my law enforcement brothers and sisters to get the truth out in the face of millions of dollars spent on the other side," Rogers County District Attorney Matt Ballard said after the results were in. "Now we can focus on working with the legislature to enact meaningful, responsible reforms that actually work for Oklahoma. And habitual offenders that target our citizens can know that they won't be let off the hook."

With 99 percent of precincts reporting:

State Question 805

Against the proposal (No)- 922,156 (61.08%)

For the proposal (Yes)- 587,502 (38.92%)

State Question 814

Against the proposal (No)-876,407 (58.7p%)

For the proposal (Yes)- 614,290 (41.21%)

(All numbers according to Oklahoma Election Board.)

State Question 805, designed to help reduce the state's high incarceration rate, would have prevented prosecutors from using prior nonviolent convictions to enhance sentences for nonviolent crimes. The proposal faced opposition from district attorneys and several law enforcement groups. Another proposal,

State Question 814, would have decreased from 75% to 25% the amount of tobacco company settlement money the state uses for programs to reduce tobacco use. The Legislature wanted to use the funds to help fund a Medicaid expansion approved by voters earlier this year.

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