Doctor's note, face shield required as mask alternative at courthouse

Rogers County Courthouse staff will require a doctor's note and face shield for those saying they cannot wear a face mask for medical reasons upon entering the courthouse.

In their Monday morning meeting, the Board of County Commissioners said they will continue to require masks or other face coverings for those entering the Rogers County Courthouse.

"Our numbers are continually rising with the updates we're seeing every day and the amount of testing we're doing, numbers are going up substantial," said Steve Massey of Rogers County Emergency Management, in a presentation to commissioners.

"Somebody that comes to the courthouse as a guest, says they have a doctor's note that says they do not have to wear a mask. My thought is that they need to have a doctor's note with them. Just the fact that they say it doesn't mean anything," said Commissioner Ron Burrows. "But if that is the case, they at least need to have a face shield so they have some sort of face covering. A face shield is a device that's being used widely."

"Absolutely," said Commissioner Steve Hendrix. "They need documentation with them if they're going to claim they cannot wear a mask….I also agree with the face shield. If they can't wear a mask they can at least be considerate and wear a face shield."

Commissioner Dan Delozier said he agrees.

Massey said the county has some disposable face shields that can be made available to courthouse guests.

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