Cherokee Nation

The Cherokee Nation presented Rogers County Youth Services with a check for $10,000, to be used for building renovations, on Nov. 16. The organization also received $10,000 from Church on the Move.

After closing the emergency youth shelter in June, Rogers County Youth Services has rearranged it’s core services to help more Rogers County children and adolescents than ever before.

As part of the transition, the organization has changed its name to Redefine: Rogers County Youth Services, and is currently renovating a new location at 1820 N Sioux in Claremore.

The new location will allow RRCYS to expand their counseling programs, with two meeting spaces for counseling, tutoring and an onsite education program for students with long-term suspensions.

Additional programs include parenting classes, group sessions, one on one therapy, play therapy and youth court.

They will be sharing the space with Volunteers for Youth and will have extra room for other local nonprofits to use.

RRCYS Executive Director Herb McSpadden said the organization had grown beyond their previous building’s capacity and needed a new home.

RRCYS is set to move into the new building within the next two to three weeks, with the lease on their old location expiring Jan. 1.

The only hold back is getting the funding to complete renovations in time. So far the organization has received two $10,000 donations from the Cherokee Nation and Church on the Move Oneighty.

In an effort to raise money, RRCYS affiliates Scott Newton, Stephanie Kuykendall, Jim Anderson, Noah Wickham and McSpadden will be participating in a Stinky Fish Challenge.

With each $10,000 raised, someone from the group will have to eat Surstromming, a fermented Swedish fish that is considered to be the stinkiest food in the world.

Newton and McSpadden are the first to face the challenge.

“I have a weak stomach so I don’t know why I agreed to do this,” McSpadden said, jokingly.

Donations can be made through, through the GoFundMe link on the @redefinercys Facebook Page, or via mail.