Inhofe supporters

By 8p.m. the Associated Press had called victory for incumbent Sen. Jim Inhofe, but challenger Abby Broyles took them to task.

Broyles took to social media to say, "Ignore what you’re hearing. If you’re in line to vote, stay there. This is attempted voter suppression.

It is wildly irresponsible for the @AP to call a statewide race when zero precincts are reporting from Oklahoma and Tulsa Counties, according to the state election board."

With the last precincts reporting, Broyles said, "Thank you to everyone who voted for me. You believed in change and hope for the future of our state. We will continue to fight for quality, affordable healthcare, a livable wage, and for every child to get a quality public education. This is not the end."

Inhofe said, "I am honored that Oklahomans have chosen me to represent them in the U.S. Senate for another term....Thank you. I will continue to work hard to protect our freedoms and rebuild our economy as your senator."

Ultimately, the majority of Oklahoma voters cast their ballots in favor of Inhofe.

With 100 percent of precincts reporting:

Jim Inhofe (R)- 977,813 votes (62.91%)

Abby Broyles (D)-509,186 votes (32.76%)

Robert Murphy (L)- 34,364 votes (2.21%)

Joan Farr (I)-21,601 votes (1.39%)

A.D. Nesbit (I)- 11,348 votes (0.73%)

A total of 1,554,312 votes were cast.


All numbers according to Oklahoma Election Board.

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