Electric car charging stations are a rarity in Oklahoma.

EV chargers exist in Tulsa, Catoosa, Pryor and Tahlequah. But due to Grand River Dam Authority contract changes, many more could spring up across Green Country, including Claremore.

GRDA rolled out new agreements to all of their municipal partners allowing individual customers of each municipal utility to sell the electricity they purchased from the city to their own customers.

This change allows gas stations and other businesses and individuals to set up EV charging stations and charge customers for their use.

“There was a grant pushed out by the federal government to push having more EV charging stations across the country,” Claremore Electric Director Larry Hughes said.

The incentive is being pursued by companies like Kum & G0, which is considering adding EV charging stations at their renovated location on Blue Starr Drive, Hughes said.

“GRDA did this with all of their customers because we have all been contacted by different companies to put these EV charging stations in,” Hughes said.

Hughes said that charging stations are an added concern in the city’s ongoing cost of service, rate study.

If there is an increased electricity demand in the city due to multiple charging stations, Hughes said, they want to ensure increased costs only impact the owners and customers of the EV charging stations and not homeowners across the city.

“We don’t want residents subsidizing a business. We want to make sure everybody is balanced,” Hughes said.

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