This year the Rogers County Fair will be more inclusive than ever before. Registered 4-H and FFA swine exhibitors, middle and high school students, will be partnered with children under 19 who have disabilities.

Exhibitors will teach the participants all the steps of how to show their pigs.

Participants will be judged on their showmanship and prizes will be awarded all around.

Regina Crouch, the event organizer, said the purpose of Pals with Pigs is “to give kids with disabilities the same opportunities at the fair as those without.”

She got the idea from a similar event at a fair in Kansas.

Crouch said the exhibitors will be chosen by the 4-H and FFA directors in order to pair up children that will work well together.

“FFA students and 4-H students have a great sense of community,” Crouch said, including that they expect to have far more volunteer exhibitors than participants.

This event will take place after the 4-H and FFA kids have shown their animals independently.

Crouch said looks forward to seeing these kids work together in a way that gives everyone a since of pride and accomplishment.

There is no restriction on the type of disability, though parent participation may be required.

All exhibitors and participants must have a signed “release of liability.” ­To register to participate in this event, call Regina Crouch at 918-640-4327.