The first medical marijuana dispensary in Claremore to open their doors has already seen a steady flow of patrons—and more positivity than they expected.

Green Canopy Solutions owners Nathanial and Rachel Duggan said they love Claremore, and are blown away by the amount of love the community has shown back to them.

I knew people would be receptive. You can tell that by the vote—57 percent of the people wanted an alternative. It’s all been smiles, ear to ear. But Claremore has been even more positive than we imagined,” Nathanial Duggan said.

The couple also owns Top Shelf Growers, a 7,000 square foot grow operation in Rogers County, and will soon be filing for their processor’s license.

Green Canopy Solutions, the dispensary portion of their business is located at 1321 W. Will Rogers Blvd.

“I’ve had people come in with tears in their eyes saying they’re so glad someone has the guts to do this in town. This was needed,” they said.

The dispensary is open to the public now, but won’t be celebrating their grand opening until Jan. 26. Already, though, they’ve been met with rave reviews.

One online reviewer praised the knowledgeable, friendly staff. Another said, “Wonderful opening. Great people. Friendly atmosphere.”

And yet another said, “Everyone was so nice. I will definitely be back and will tell all my friends about Green Canopy Solutions.

“What we’ve been seeing a lot in Claremore, is a lot of elderly who are not familiar with marijuana at all... They’re trying to find an alternative to prescription opioids and pain medications. They’re coming in asking for a different option.”

The Duggans said Green Canopy Solutions has just that, different options.

“Here at the dispensary, right now we offer: Flower, edibles, concentrates, CBDs and a novelty shop called CannaCouture that has t-shirts and utensils to help administer,” Nathanial said.

He said studies are showing that legalizing medical marijuana in states with opioid epidemics can result in a decrease in opioid overdoses.

They said they will be putting a focus on education—showing people the alternatives.

The couple, and the staff at Green Canopy, knows there’s going to be a bit of an education curve and they’re happy to answer questions and clear up misinformation.

While a number of dispensaries in the area have received licenses, Green Canopy Solutions said they’re the first to open in Claremore— “Every day people are getting their medical marijuana licenses. Legal growers are seeing their first batch about now. We had our license for the grow on Sept. 9 and we had seeds in the ground by Sept. 12...Things are just picking up and getting going.”

They said they are offering more than just an alternative to traditional prescription medications, though. They’re bringing jobs and community support.

They said they want to be active in their community, to partner with law enforcement on opioid drop off events, to pitch in with community sports and support things like veteran’s causes.

“And we’re providing jobs,” Nathanial said. “If we create 30, 40, 50 jobs—great. Those are jobs that weren’t here before.”

The crew said they are happy to answer questions on CBD, THC and medical marijuana licenses.